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Tables of Database `information_schema` edit
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Table `VIEWS`
Table properties of `VIEWS` (10 Fields)Name
Row Format


Fields of table `VIEWS`
insert new field

edit field  delete field  1.TABLE_CATALOGvarchar512noutf8_general_ci
edit field  delete field  2.TABLE_SCHEMAvarchar64noutf8_general_ci
edit field  delete field  3.TABLE_NAMEvarchar64noutf8_general_ci
edit field  delete field  4.VIEW_DEFINITIONlongtextnoutf8_general_ci
edit field  delete field  5.CHECK_OPTIONvarchar8noutf8_general_ci
edit field  delete field  6.IS_UPDATABLEvarchar3noutf8_general_ci
edit field  delete field  7.DEFINERvarchar77noutf8_general_ci
edit field  delete field  8.SECURITY_TYPEvarchar7noutf8_general_ci
edit field  delete field  9.CHARACTER_SET_CLIENTvarchar32noutf8_general_ci
edit field  delete field  10.COLLATION_CONNECTIONvarchar32noutf8_general_ci

Indexes of table `VIEWS`
  Name Columns Size Type Duplicates allowed Cardinality Comment
No Indexes in Table